Favorites of 2017!

VOTO-FAVORITES OF 2017 - The Shaikh Family


oh Armaan...

you have a special place in my heart...

I was introduced to the Shaikh Family when I had shot the Castellon's Wedding last year.  Anjali (Client) was pregnant and her son, Armaan (ring bearer), was in the wedding. At the time of meeting them, I had no idea that I would be gaining friends in the process.

Fast forward a few months and Maheer is born! Yay!!

Walking into the Shaikh home for their newborn family session, Anjali was ready to go and had shown me all sorts of little props she wanted to incorporate. I knew there and then that the amount of time she invested in her session, it's clear, she loves and cherishes her family portraits beyond imagination.

We laughed and enjoyed watching Maheer sleep while we got to know each other better. 

As we chatted, a little boy came up to me and decided he would run the show. Oh boy did he...from there on, Armaan is in charge...for the next Family Portrait and every session we will have in the future :P

Super sweet, right?! Keep scrolling...

Maheer was growing and turned 1! 

Love watching this family grow


Thank you Shaikh Family, for being amazing!

oh and Armaan...I'll see you later ;)


Crystal Velazquez


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