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Newborn Sessions & What to expect + Newborn Session Giveaway!!

  • 112 E. Amerige Avenue Fullerton USA (map)

Hi friends! I'm sorta excited for this giveaway! I cannot wait to see who wins.

First off I want to thank you for taking the time to be a part of this. It's not everyday I am able to do something like this; and if all goes well, I'd love to do this every two months or so.

So, Thank you for stopping by!

Let's Go!

My goal is for you to get a better idea of how my Newborn sessions are handled by yours truly <3


Q: When should I book my Session?

A: 10 days of the baby's birth.

I would say a month before your due date, make your deposit! If you're expecting and really really want a newborn session, you can def start now. Don't wait to be in the delivery room to be thinking about these important investments. It has me.

So, remember, It's never too early to start preparing for this beautiful moment, but the session should be booked within the 10 days of your little one's birth.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with booking your session after the 10 day mark; however, the results will not be what you might expect from a fresh 10 day old little newborn. It's like Katy Perry once sang...


I'm wide awake

they really are...wide awake


Let's talk...

What is the investment?

Capturing moments are priceless. You can't really put a price on memories. I love what I do, and to be able to provide the best services  my session rates are $650 for a full Newborn-Family Portrait Session, and to reserve your session all I would need is a deposit. The session fee includes my creative time, props, and much more. If you're really wanting to cherish these memories, give me a call, and start preparing today.

Did you know, as a professional newborn photographer, I treat your baby's safety as if s/he were my own? Actually I might even treat your baby better than I do my own,  haha. 

Totally joking...totally joking - onto the next... 



what should I expect?

just some little details

This is what your newborn session will look like...

  • I set my studio to 75-80 degrees so your baby can be nice and comfy without their clothing and blankets (so parents, dress comfy cause if you're not's not warm enough :P) - we have space heaters going the entire session
  • I have an assistant who is there with the baby all the way through your session (baby's safety is number one) 
  • I typically have my diffuser going with all the yummy essential oils...white noise going and all the good vibes
  • we have about 4 wraps and backdrops of the same color...why? Because your little one is going to pee and poo all over it AND THAT IS OKAY - totally normal - SEE...


  • Fun Fact...I take workshops by some of the top creative photographers ($$$) to learn how to treat my clients with the best service - and this is an on-going investment I take upon myself to be the best I can be
  • I love your babies as if they are my own, really. I LOVE babies. So if you become my client, prepare for Instagram stalk-mode following and comments. I looooooove your updates!

So what do you need to know to get the most out of your session?

  1. Research all your photographer options - so many photographers have different styles. Make sure your photographer is experienced with newborns and has insurance. 
  2. Find out what equipment your photographer uses - depending if he or she shoots lifestyle or studio (I do both)
  3. what theme do you want - boho, modern, chabby chic or lots of props, sporty, woodsy, etc.
  4. Do you want prints such as albums, canvases (other great investments)
  5. Do you want family portraits, and if so, do you want to hire a make-up and hair artist?
  6. Does this little baby have siblings?
  7. What are you wanting to do with these images?
  8. Your session can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. The baby runs the show lol. If your baby is within the 10 day mark, the session should not take more than 2 hours.
  9. If you're nursing, pump so we can bottle feed (if you're okay with that) the goal is to have the baby nice and full so we can get the session going asap.
  10. If the baby uses a paci, bring it :) We will need it.
  11. me. The best thing you can do is let me do my thang and you will be happy with the results...

What happens after?

Do we just get a cd with images?

I have spoken to clients and some have come to me after having their session done elsewhere mainly beause they didn't get many options. That's okay (if all you want is for your pictures to sit on your harddrive for life), but you might want more than just a CD with images. You'll find yourself thinking, "what am I going to do with these?"

Sample of a Canvas Group Set a Client made after their Family Portrait Session

Sample of a Canvas Group Set a Client made after their Family Portrait Session

That's where I come in. I walk you through your images within a two to three week turnaround. We go through them and discuss many options from prints, canvases and albums. I work with professional labs and pick products that I would love for myself. I want you to be happy with your experience.

If you'd like to hear more about how I run my sessions, please shoot me over a call or e-mail. I would love to help you get a better idea of how my sessions are unique and a fun experience.

Okay, the part you've been waiting for!!! 



once you pin the image, please leave a comment in the comment section below and I will choose a winner the old fashion way (hat draw) and announce the winner on the 14th of February! 

One lucky winner will walk away with a newborn session complimentary of Votografie. All other entries will be able to book their session for 50% off the normal session price! It's sorta like a win-win right??!!

much love to you and your growing family,